Aug 25 2012 We cover the different aspects of personal journaling, whether for the written page, on a desktop computer or on the world wide web. Although keeping personal journals goes back thousands of years, the advent of the personal computer and then the internet has brought some new twists to personal journaling. Instead of or in addition to keeping handwritten journals, we can now keep electronic journals on our desktop or on the web (as in 'blogs' or 'weblogs'). In this electronic transition, some things stay the same and some things change. This web site gathers together different resources to explore the old and the new. We have resources concerning paper journals as well as electronic journaling in its various aspects. Currently we do this primarily through evaluations, comparisons and links to web sites that represent different tools or perspectives. These links cover
  • Software for personal journals and blogs
  • Websites about journaling, blogging and online communities
Over time we hope to expand these resources. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions concerning aspects and perspectives that you would like to see presented more fully.